Instant spa vibes for your shower. Attach a bundle below or adjacent to your shower head with the included twine - steam activates the natural oils in the eucalyptus and a rotating cast of natural aromatics (like rosemary and lavender) turning your bathroom into a blissfully scented, relaxing environment. Shower bundles last several weeks and slowly dry into a beautiful arrangement you can use as decor when the bundle is no longer fragant. 


*Note: Image is an example - bundles will always include eucalyptus but other elements will vary based on season and availability.*



Thursday is our weekly pick-up and delivery day. Please contact us directly for alternate pick-up and delivery dates and we will do our best to accomodate! Visit our FAQ page to see our current delivery range. Local pick-up is available in Denver's Platt Park neighborhood.

Shower Bundle

  • Placement

    • Attach your shower bundle close to the shower head but out of direct contact with the water. We recommend attaching the bundle against the wall behind the shower head. If you don't have space behind the shower head, your can attach the bundle to a shower curtain ring, as close to the the heat and steam of the shower head as possible.